Advanced Variable Speed Drive (FR-A800)

With its advanced performance and improved flexibility, this drive can support a wide range of applications, from conveyance and chemical machines, to line control applications such as winding and printing machines.

  • Real sensorless vector (RSV) control achieves 200% torque at speeds as low as 0.3Hz
  • Built-in PLC function allows users to create customised applications
  • Positioning control as standard allows simple moves from position to position
  • Sensorless torque control can be utilised for wind/unwind applications

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FR-A800 features and benefits.

FeaturesBenefitsUser results
Built in PLC as standardMakes the drive very flexibleCan eliminate the need for additional PLCs
Data logging abilityCan log long-term, or be used to capture spurious tripsInformation such as 'energy saved' can be easily monitored
Standard three year warranty Peace of mindConfidence in choosing the right manufacturer
Closed loop capabilityAccurate speed and torque control Improved CPU provides excellent motor control
Multi-ratedMost cost effective is easily selectable Lower system cost
User friendly
FR-Configuration software
Provides a simple set-up even for the most demanding applicationsFast system start-up with minimal knowledge required
Built in STONo need for extra componentsSimpler safety circuitry
Special versions available with application specific parameters The right drive for right applicationEasier to set-up for specific applications

FR-A800 downloads.

FR-A800 manual.
FR-A800 brochure.

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