General Purpose Variable Speed Drive (FR-E800)

Delivering outstanding performance across a wide range of demanding applications the FR-E800 EC offers motor performance usually associated with high power sensorless vector control motor drives.

  • Advance magnetic flux vector control
  • Built in brake chopper across all sizes
  • USB communications
  • Multy protocols support built in as standard
  • Can be incorporated into Sil3, PLe, Cat.3 system
  • 200% overload

If you are looking for a drive solution that delivers this level of performance, and in a compact drive package, talk to us today.

FR-E800 features and benefits.

FeaturesBenefits User Results
Single phase or 3-phase supplyCan cover a wide range of installation typesMakes choosing the drive easy, no confusing product range issues
Control remotely or with built-in keypadFewer wiring and components neededCan be used by even the most novice users
Compact designSide-by-side mounting allows users to save spaceEnclosures can be smaller
Built in network optionsMakes the drive very flexible and can be incorporated into most open networksChanging networks is easy as changing parameters
User friendly FR-configurator softwareSimple set-up, enabling ease, even with the most demanding applications Fast system start-up with minimal knowledge required
One parameter intelligent energy saving modeRunning costs are reduced and investment is paid back quickerIncreased profitability
Magnetic flux vector with auto-tuning Greatly improves shaft performanceNo need for encoders on motor in most applications
Dedicated brake handling parametersIdeal for small cranes, hoists and elevatorsNo need to use expensive alternatives
Integrated SafetyNo need for extra hardwareOverall system cost reduction

FR-E800 downloads.

FR-E800 manual.
FR-E800 brochure.

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