A 30-year-old Mitsubishi Electric drive finally hangs up its spurs

Mitsubishi Electric 30-year-old inverter finally hangs up its spurs


When DSC partner Lawrence Electrical Group visited a leading pump manufacturer in Gloucestershire to repair a fault on a CNC machine, the team soon realised this wasn’t a routine drive replacement.

They discovered a 30-year-old Mitsubishi Electric Z220 drive.  The Z220 was the first digital drive produced in the world so a true vintage.  This 1980s classic has clearly demonstrated Mitsubishi Electric products are built to last. In this instance however, it was time to hang up its spurs.


Lawrence Electrical set to work:

  • The Z220 was replaced with an FR-A820 drive
  • The Z220 had an option card that allowed speed to be controlled from the PLC with BCD code – this was replaced with a FR-A8AX e-kit
  • Installation and programming was straightforward due to the Z220 parameters being located on identical parameter numbers to the latest drives


The next visit is booked for some time in 2060!