Regenerated Variable Speed Drive (FR-A741)

The FR-A741 is a high performance drive that has a trick up its sleeve. In applications where regenerated energy is available, this drive can convert energy back to useful energy which can be used on the system by other consuming devices.

  • Ideal for dynamic applications where traditionally braking resistors would be needed
  • Lower overall system cost
  • Saves energy instead of wasting as heat


FR-A741 features and benefits.

FeaturesBenefitsUser results
Single phase or 3-phase supplyCan cover a wide range of installation types Makes choosing the drive easy, no confusing product range issues
Fully regenerative drives Covers arduous braking applicationsNo need for external brake resistors or brake units
User friendly
FR-configuration software
Simple set-up, even for the most demanding applications Fast system start-up with minimal knowledge required
Magnetic flux vector control with auto- tuning Simple process to maximise motor performance Fast system start-up with minimal knowledge required

FR - A741 downloads.

FR-A741 manual.
FR-A741 brochure.

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