Micro Variable Speed Drive (FR-D700)

Suitable for a wide variety of general purpose motor speed control applications, the FR-D700 has earned an enviable reputation for durability and dependability in adverse environments.

All of which makes it a leading cost effective drive solution.

  • Digital setting dial with integrated display making configuration fast and easy
  • One of the world’s most popular drives
  • Safe stop function
  • Can be used in many different applications

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FR-D700 features and benefits.

FeaturesBenefitsUser results
Single phase or 3-phase supplyCan cover a wide range of installation typesMakes choosing the drive easy, no confusing product range issues
Compact designSide-by-side mounting allows user to save spaceEnclosures can be smaller
Integrated keypadSimple and fast set-upOverall system cost reduction
Control remotely or with built in keypadReduced need for wiring and componentsEasy to use, even for less experienced users
User friendly
FR-configuration software
Easy set-up, even for the most demanding applications Fast system start-up with minimal knowledge required

FR-D700 download.

FR-D700 manual.
FR-D700 brochure.

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