Fan and Pump Variable Speed Drive (FR-F800)

Optimised to deliver maximum energy savings, the FR-F800 is a pump and fan control that is often engineers’ first choice.

Equally at home in an industrial environment, or as part of an integrated HVAC system, it can be used as a cost-effective drive for controlling other types of lighter duty constant torque loads.

Built to optimise 3-phase motor control, it saves energy for virtually all general purpose applications, especially fan and pump with its unique AOEC algorithm. This provides intelligent energy saving, whilst allowing high levels of torque when needed.

It has USB slots which allow easy configuration with the FR- Configuration software, or via the standard DU08 keypad and supports all open communications protocols.

With its ability to add a plethora of option cards this drive is often first choice.


FR-F800 features and benefits.

FeaturesBenefitsUser results
Built in PLC as standardMakes the drive very flexibleFor small applications it eliminates the need for an additional PLC
Data logging abilityCan be used for long-term monitoring, or used to capture spurious tripsEnergy saved can be easily monitored
Standard three year warranty Peace of mindConfidence in choosing the right manufacturer
Dedicated energy saving parametersEasily configurable and tailored to maximise savingsFaster payback in investment
Auto pump curve detectionBlockages or leakages are accurately detected (de-ragging)Less maintenance time, reduced nuisance tripping
User friendly FR-configuration software Simple drive set-up, even with the most demanding applicationsFast system start-up with minimal knowledge required
Built in STONo need for componentsSimpler safety circuitry
Versatile and extensive PID functionalityNo need for external controllersMore accurate process control
USB slotsHigh speed programming and the ability to easily upload or download parametersNo need for expensive memory units or special cables

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