A deep understanding of the water industry.

We understand the many challenges you face to effectively process and treat waste water and to collect, treat and supply fresh water:

  • Water is seen as an ‘always available’ resource which impacts investment and operations
  • Infrastructure upgrades, and maintenance must happen in a specified five yearly period
  • Reliability and longevity are key factors
  • Processes must operate within strict EU & UK regulatory guidelines to maintain the safety of supply and protect the environment

We will work with you to address these challenges and help you reduce your operational costs through the reduction of equipment failure. Using our range of systems we have the flexibility to meet the demands which will ultimately help you reduce precious downtime.

Our proven track record

Our experience includes fresh and waste water treatment plants and desalination and irrigation plants and includes:

  • Water treatment: Raw water extraction, inter-stage pumping, high lift pumps, booster pumps and chemical dosing
  • Waste water treatment: Sewerage pumping, blower systems, centrifuges, chemical dosing
  • Solutions for harmonic mitigation and compliance

This means you have the peace of mind that we understand your requirements.

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