Harmonic Mitigation

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Harmonics are not a new phenomina. With the exception of the incandescent light bulb, any equipment that does not draw current evenly over a single cycle AC power supply can generate harmonics.

These include:

  • Switch mode power supply
  • Inverters(VSD)
  • HF fluorescent ballast
  • UPS systems
  • Phase controlled loads

Immediate effects of harmonics can be disturbance of controllers in electronic devices, nuisance tripping of circuit breakers and damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Add to this the long-term effects of an excessive current in a neutral conductor which include overheating of transformers, switchgear and capacitors and you could be facing premature equipment failure.

The Drive Solutions Centre team has extensive experience in the diagnosis of harmonic issues, whether G5/5 harmonic analysis, or full implementation of a harmonic reduction solution.

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