Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives – TM Series

High-efficiency and a power-friendly operation - ideal for use across a broad range of industrial applications.

If you are looking for a drive that delivers reliability, power efficiency and offers ease of installation, the Drive Solutions Centre has the solution for you.

In collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric UK, our range of drives includes:

Active line side converter

  • Unity (1.0) power factor across entire speed range
  • Lineside harmonics much lower than IEEE 519-2014
  • Standard regenerative braking

Electronic design and dry film capacitors

  • Highly reliable operation, expected 16-year mean time before failure (MTBF)
  • No need for periodic capacitor replacement

Multi-level drive output voltage waveform

  • No derating of motor for voltage insulation or heating required
  • Applies easily to existing motors without the need for an expensive output filter
  • Eliminates the need for special VSD rated cables
  • No neutral shift
  • Input isolation transformer
  • With static shield Included

Module in a single drawer package

  • Reduction in spare parts
  • Minimal personnel training for maintenance
  • 30 minutes mean time to repair (MTTR)

Synchronous bumpless transfer of the motor to the utility line

  • Allows control of multiple motors with one drive
  • No motor current or torque transients when the motor transitions to the AC line

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