The Drive Solutions Centre

Our passion is the speed control of electric motors, from 500KW plastic extruder drives to fractional horsepower precision motors in the micro engineering sector.

With 40 years' experience in the application of Mitsubishi Electric inverter speed controls we have an installed load base of over 3,000MW mainly in the aggregates, plastic and paper manufacturing sectors.

From initial inquiry our team is able to design, build and deliver multi-drive or single standalone drive systems in realistic timescales. In addition, our service department has the flexibility and resources to repair or replace obsolete drives from other manufacturers.

Multi-industry specialists

The Drive Solutions Centre works across many different industries including aggregates, automotive, infrastructure, power, utilities and more.

Delivering a complete drive solution system

From simple speed controls, through to complex multi-drive engineered solutions, the Drives Solutions Centre can help.

It's all about teamwork

Working in collaboration, we deliver the complete drive solution system.

We use the latest, trusted technologies including variable speed drives, motors, gearboxes, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.

The Drive Solutions Centre delivers the complete drives solution for your business.


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- CAD Design
- Installation
- Harmonic surveys
- Energy audits


Drives selection

Helping you select the best drive solution for your needs.

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- Hire drive
- 24/7
- Dedicated phone


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