A840 replaces Eddy current couplings

In the textile industry, Eddy Current couplings have been very popular for rewind applications where adjustable tension control is required, although simple in operation they are costly to maintain and parts are becoming impossible to find in some cases.

The issue

An Eddy current consist of three principle parts, an induction motor prime mover running at constant speed, a DC coil surrounding a separate rotor  and  reduction gearbox.  An adjustable output speed is obtained through the control of the DC excitation voltage, the unit can then run in speed or torque control, a tacho generator is built in to regulate the speed.

The solution

Mitsubishi A800 inverters have superb open loop torque control functionality and perfect to replace the older eddy current couplings.

Newton Tesla has successfully delivered this solution, both within textile applications but also fan and pump applications.

The Benefits

  • High electrical efficiency
  • Lower operating noise
  • No maintenance
  • Improved tension control