When 17 weeks’ downtime is simply not an option

The issue

When a 300KW DC motor failed at a major plastics manufacturing company, the potential downtime and financial losses became all too real. The company was facing between 8 and 17 weeks’ lead time to repair the DC motor, which was not an option.  An alternative, faster solution was needed and Drive Solutions Centre partner, Newton Tesla had the answer.

The solution

The existing DC motor was clearly the challenge as the repair time would be long and the cost to replace would be expensive.  The alternative, a standard AC motor, was both readily available and typically a third of the cost of a comparable DC motor. This was an easy decision.  And with Mitsubishi Electric’s new A800 series inverter, the AC motor provided advanced vector control and a higher torque than the DC motor.

The outcome

  • Lower operating costs
  • A maintenance free motor
  • Higher overall efficiency
  • Reduced downtime

Newton Tesla (Electric Drives) Ltd was able to supply and install the new motor and inverter control panel, returning the line to full production in just 10 working days.