High capacity variable speed drive (VSD) upgrade

The Issue:

For over 30 years, a North West based cement manufacturer has specified high power Mitsubishi Electric variable speed drives (VSDs) due to their unrivalled reliability. Originally supplied and installed by DSC partner Newton Tesla; each of these VSDs has clocked up on average over 242,000 hours, running 24/7 in between annual maintenance shutdowns.

It was decided prior to this year’s shutdown, they would take the opportunity to upgrade the largest of the eight ‘kiln critical’ cooling fan VSDs rated at 280KW /610 amps.

The solution:

DSC partner Newton Tesla supplied the original VSDs and was awarded the contract to carry out this important upgrade.

The drive solution; to retrofit the Mitsubishi Electric FR-MT-A140E with the latest
FR-A840-610-EC (280KW @ 610amps) VSD.

George Newton commented, “The upgrade was very straightforward, despite the 30-year age gap between the old and new VSDs, the mounting footprints were identical allowing the new VSDs to be fitted easily into the existing control panel, providing a seamless integration with the power management and I/O signals from the plant control room.”

George also noted that the new A840 series VSD ran much cooler than its predecessor due to the latest generation power devices and this resulted in greater accumulative power savings.

The Mitsubishi Electric A840 VSDs have CCLINK IE FIELD as standard, as well as a powerful embedded PLC, which can be programmed using the FR Configurator software.

The outcome:

The Mitsubishi Electric VSDs can be readily retrofitted across the power range 0.75KW – 315KW due to footprint compatibility with legacy models, for example; A140, A240, V240, A540 and F540 VSDs.  This is an important consideration when a user is committing to standardise on a single brand VSD across a large manufacturing site.