Energy saving hotel application

Drive Solutions Centre partner Total Automated Solutions (TAS) was approached to provide a drive solution to reduce energy usage at a hotel in southern England.

With the current Government guidelines, due to the hotel having limited space, the project had to be completed remotely.

The client needed to control the speed of an 18.5kW fan, which would result in reduced energy usage. However, they did not have a point of isolation.

The requirement was a simple and cost effective drive solution that needed to be engineered remotely.


TAS selected the Mitsubishi Electric F800 IP55 drive as it could easily be installed near to the fan in the cramped plant room. In addition, a stainless steel control box was remotely mounted in the kitchen.

To overcome the point of isolation issue, TAS installed an isolator into the chassis of the drive and mounted a handle on the case.  This actually looked like it was shipped from the factory as standard!

The remote control unit allowed the hotel staff to ‘start/stop’ and modulate the speed of the fan, as needed.

TAS designed the controls and supplied the client with a full cable and termination schedule so that installation could be achieved without any knowledge of variable speed drives.

The system was tested in the workshop to the design brief and as built documentation then shipped to client.

Although TAS was on the other end of the phone in support, the client completed the installation without any prior experience of Mitsubishi Electric drives. The solution was successfully installed without hitch.


A speedy and efficient turnaround of a complete bespoke drive solution in just two weeks from order placement to delivery.

No site visits meant a reduction in costs for the client.